The HB Solutions Affordable Care Act Consulting  team helps employers sort out the confusing regulations and develop an effective Affordable Care Act (ACA) strategy to protect their interests. Our consultants include experienced attorneys who understand the ACA’s implications related to the Fair Labor Standards Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, whistle-blower statutes, benefit and tax laws and regulations, as well as traditional labor matters.


Our Initial Assessment begins with a detailed, one-time evaluation to assess your compliance readiness, which includes a complete audit of your employment policies as they relate to ACA compliance.  We assess the financial impact of  “Play or Pay” decisions; identify existing vulnerabilities; analyze your potential penalties and associated costs; and make detailed recommendations, including identifying measurement periods beneficial for you. You can be confident we take into consideration the impact of all of your employment policies and decisions. This can be purchased as a stand-alone service.

Initial Assessment Deliverables

  • Review current employee benefits policies, plans, and costs
  • Review timekeeping and payroll policies and practices
  • Review contracts/collective bargaining agreements
  • Review benefits programs and costs to determine financial impacts of “Play or Pay” decisions
  • Project how provisions of the ACA may affect plan design or contribution changes under consideration
  • Determine if an employer is considered a “large” employer under the ACA
  • Develop reports identifying vulnerabilities and recommendations, including an analysis of potential penalties and associated costs
  • Provide analysis and recommendations regarding measurement, administrative, and stability periods
  • Detailed review of independent contractor/1099 population
  • Analyze the future cost of an employer’s health plans and determine which plan options will be subject to the “Cadillac” tax
Our Onboarding process consists of an initial workforce evaluation that mirrors the process completed through our Initial Assessment.  This service does not include a written compliance report or best practice recommendations, but includes all of the necessary data validation and migration for a client to commence either ACA Star or Tracking & Reporting on an ongoing basis, when an Initial Assessment is not purchased.


ACA STAR is ideal for employers that are confident about compliance readiness but want to outsource monitoring and tracking employees, assessing data, recommending employee-by-employee changes, and generating required reports for employees and the IRS.  Our ACA STARSM (Support, Track, Assess, Report) proprietary process includes our custom-designed, rules-based data analysis tool. Through ACA STAR we help you meet your month-to-month and annual ACA compliance obligations.
ACA STAR is all about working closely with you, on an ongoing basis, to support your ACA implementation, track employee eligibility, and assess employee-level data for compliance. On a monthly basis we also monitor and assess your data, and recommend, as appropriate, needed changes in employment status for individual employees. We are not only “on-call” for you, but also complete your required employer reports that must be delivered annually for your workforce and the IRS.  In order to fully utilize our custom-designed, rules-based data analysis tool, this option includes data validation and data migration assistance.


ACA STARSM Deliverables

Support of ACA Implementation

  • ACA compliance training for HR personnel
  • Monthly updates based on up-to-date workforce data
  • Updates on ACA regulatory and legislative changes as they occur
  • On-call guidance and troubleshooting advice

Track Ongoing Employee Eligibility

  • Review existing records systems for the efficient exchange of workforce data
  • Aggregate employee hours of service for each month and during specified measurement periods
  • Track employee health premium contributions
    on a monthly basis
  • Convert tracked workforce information into analytical reports and implementation plans for ensuring ACA compliance


Assess Employee-Level Data for Compliance

  • Determine full-time employee eligibility under the ACA, based upon selected measurement periods for various types of employees (e.g., seasonal, variable, and ongoing)
  • Make recommendations on the most advantageous measurement period for your workforce
  • Assess employee health premium contributions to ensure ACA affordability requirements are met based on optimizing safe harbor rules
  • Provide ongoing assessment of employee population hours and health plans for continued compliance

Report Required Employer Information

  • Generate required annual Section 6055 employer information reports for your employees
  • Generate required annual Section 6056 employer information reports for the IRS
Our focused Tracking & Reporting service is for employers confident about their ACA compliance readiness and their existing resources to manage and reassess workforce employment parameters, but want to outsource required tracking and reporting.

Tracking & Reporting only is designed for employers who are fully aware of evolving ACA requirements; have full confidence in the accuracy of their data collection; complete their own monthly ACA data assessments; and conduct their own strategic analyses, but for business purposes want to outsource tracking and reporting for ACA compliance.

  • Review current records systems for data exchange capabilities with the HB Solutions proprietary data analysis tool
  • Review current employee population and structure, including employee counts and locations
  • Review full-time, variable and seasonal employee classifications to assist you with proper tracking under the ACA employer mandate
  • Analyze service providers, independent contractors and others paid through accounts payable
  • Determine how hours will be calculated for non-hourly employees
  • Analyze your collected data to identify compliance issues
  • Identify affordability safe harbors on an employee-by-employee basis
  • Generate required annual Section 6055 employer information reports for your employees

•   Generate required annual Section 6056 employer information reports for the IRS

ACA Affordable Care Act Penalties Add Up

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<b>Pamela Saar</b>
Pamela SaarProject Manager
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