Today’s fast-paced, rapidly-changing world of collegiate athletics presents more than its share of challenges, to say the least. So when it comes to dealing with NCAA rules, Title IX issues, concussions, and the full range of compliance and operational challenges faced by colleges and universities, the HB Solutions Collegiate Sports Compliance team brings its A-game every time.

Our Services Include

NCAA Rules Compliance
We investigate possible infractions of NCAA rules, while helping to resolve any issues and advising on preventative measures.
• Student-athlete eligibility issues
• The creation and implementation of NCAA Rules compliance programs
• Compliance monitoring and reporting
• Ethics
• Gift prohibitions
• Membership issues
• Club sports
• Special committees
• Conflicts of interest
• Conduct codes
• Fiduciary obligations
• The Division I Institutional Performance Program
• Division II institutional requirements
• NCAA Committee on Infractions appearances

Membership Reclassifications
Our team has a strong record when it comes to coaching institutions on membership moves – including movement within the NCAA structure, joining the NCAA, United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA), or the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

Risk Management and Liability
Our consultants conduct risk assessments while developing and implementing compliance programs. This protects you by closely monitoring:
• Evolving state and federal regulatory actions
• Insurance-related issues
• Player concussions
• Crowd management

Title IX
We also help federally funded colleges and universities avoid audits, investigations or lawsuits by advising you on Title IX issues relating to athletic and extracurricular programs and activities, including:
• The draft and review of Title IX policies and procedures
• Title IX compliance reviews
• Evolving interpretations of Title IX

Contracts and Compensation
As the business of collegiate sports becomes increasingly complicated, HB Solutions consultants can help with various contract and administrative issues involving:
• Licensing
• Facilities
• Proprietary rights
• Sponsorship issues
• Commercial enterprises
• Coaches
• Coaching staff
• Incentive compensation
• Conduct codes

Human Resources
HB Solutions consultants advise colleges and universities on a broad spectrum of issues unique to student-athletes, including:
• Conduct code violations
• Academic eligibility
• Sports-related hazing
• Illicit sports wagering
• Student records
• Drug testing
• Discipline issues
• Improper behavior by coaches, staff or players

We quickly respond to contain potentially devastating allegations that can damage an institution’s reputation and adversely affect student recruitment, alumni support and institutional funding by conducting:
• Media outreach
• Intermediary services
• Message management in the event of a potentially
damaging investigation