Businesses today face new challenges and unprecedented hurdles on the path to success. HB Solutions is here to help. Our experienced consulting teams provide practical and objective insights to meet our clients’ pressing strategic, operational and organizational needs.

Our Services Include

Learn More About Collegiate Sports Compliance
Pre-Breach Protection

  • Initial Assessment / Business Readiness
  • Compliance Issues
  • Risk Assessment
  • Detailed Risk Reporting

Loss Mitigation Preparation Services

  • Employee Education and Awareness Programs
  • Crisis Readiness
  • Risk Assessment and Indemnification
  • Auditing

Breach Response / Containment

  • Immediate Crisis Response
  • Long Term Loss Mitigation and Claims Response
  • Future-Proofing

Learn more about HB ACCESS®: Comprehensive Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Learn More About Economic Development and Public Affairs
    • Educational Leadership Consulting
      • Board of Education Consultation and Training
      • Onboarding: Superintendents/Assistant Superintendents/Administrative Staff
      • Superintendent Consulting
    • Education Reform Agenda Consulting
      • Common Core Standards and Overall Reform Agenda Implementation
      • Teacher and Principal Evaluations/APPR
      • Testing and Data Collection

Learn More About Educational Institution Assistance

      • E-Discovery Strategy
      • Preservation
      • Collection
      • Processing
      • Review
      • Production

Learn More About EMRG®

      • Corporate Strategy
      • Communications
      • Public Affairs Consulting

Learn More About Energy

      • Acquisitions
      • Affiliations
      • Corporate Compliance
      • Corporate Organizations and Reorganizations
      • Debt and Equity Capitalization
      • Divestitures
      • Electronic Information and Record Retention Policies and Procedures
      • Financial Transactions
      • Governance and Board Development
      • Joint Ventures
      • Mergers

Learn More About Health and Human Services

      • Compliance Review
      • Cost-Effective Benefit Program Analysis
      • Employee Communication Strategies
      • Labor and Employee Relations
      • Organizational Development
      • Policy Manuals
      • Risk Management
      • Strategic Management
      • Training Programs

Learn More About Human Resources

      • Digital Forensics
      • Disaster Recovery
      • E-Discovery EMRG®
      • Enterprise Security
      • Infrastructure
      • Voice over IP (VoIP)

Learn More About Information Technology

      • Communications Training
        • Media
        • Public Forums
        • Public Speaking
      • Controversial and Crisis Communications Management
      • Marketing Communications and Branding
      • Public and Media Relations
      • Strategic Marketing Positioning and Planning

Learn More About Marketing and Communication Services

      • Community Planning and Consensus Building
      • Due Diligence and Compliance
      • Economic Development Programs
      • Municipal Management Assistance
      • Communications and Marketing

Learn More About Municipal and Local Agency Assistance