New York state school districts today are faced with the challenges of improving student achievement, implementing the state’s extensive education reform agenda, and balancing the ever increasing cost of education with the fiscal reality of decreasing revenues due to reduced state aid and the budgetary constraints of the state’s two percent real property tax cap. HB Solutions consultants leverage their school superintendent, school attorney, school administrator, and New York State Education Department backgrounds to assist districts, superintendents and school boards in meeting their challenges and providing the highest-quality educational and working environments for their students and staff.

Our Services Include

Helping New York state school districts and superintendents effectively plan, manage and economize.

Board of Education Consultation and Training

  • Board/Superintendent Roles and Responsibilities
  • Board Goals and Action Plans
  • Strategic Planning
  • Work with Boards, school administrators and teachers to develop and implement new “multiple-pathway” flexibility options to meet graduation requirements

Onboarding: Superintendents/Assistant Superintendents/Administrative Staff

  • Collective Bargaining Consultation
  • Topic Specific Trainings

Superintendent Consulting

  • Affordable Care Act Compliance
  • Analysis and Advice on Labor Management Relations
  • District Administrative Organization Studies
  • District Budgeting
  • Investigations
  • Staff Evaluation
  • Staffing Projections
  • Enrollment and Building Utilization Studies
  • Personnel Investigations
Helping districts, superintendents and school boards understand, implement and explain new and dynamic education reform protocols.

Common Core Standards and Overall Reform Agenda Implementation

  • Assist school boards, school administrators, teachers and parents with understanding and implementing the significant changes to the Education Reform Agenda
  • Provide guidance on adopting new Common Core aligned modules and curriculum
  • Coordinate workgroups to develop appropriate modules and professional development
  • Evaluate vendor-provided or district-developed modules for district implementation
  • Help districts respond to parent and community concerns
  • Implement provisions of The Common Core Reform Act of 2014

Teacher and Principal Evaluations/APPR

  • Draft and/or revise policy to incorporate APPR specific language
  • Help building administrators address teachers with “Developing” or “Ineffective” ratings
  • Draft and negotiate possible APPR plan revisions with teacher and principal unions
  • Submit “material” changes to APPR plans
  • Evaluate, process and draft final decisions on APPR appeals
  • Draft, implement and monitor Teacher/Principal Improvement Plans (TIPs/PIPs)
  • Represent districts with NYSED to secure needed plan revisions and/or plan approval
  • Provide training and informational sessions for staff, school board members and the community
  • Advise on Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) issues related to APPR
  • Calculate “safety-net” Composite Effectiveness Scores (CES)

Testing and Data Collection

  • Implement new assessment procedures and restrictions
  • Develop “opting-out” policies for testing, field testing and data collection
  • Respond to public and parent issues regarding opting-out of data collection and state tests
  • Coordinate district-wide response to testing protocols and parent assessment concerns