HB Solutions consultants offer the following services to energy sector executives, developers, operators, power marketers, and agencies to help them effectively meet their strategic and operational goals.


Our Services Include

  • Assist management in setting, implementing and meeting strategic goals
  • Help organizations map out strategy for New York state energy markets
  • Develop recommendations for implementing and meeting strategic goals
  • Establish key performance indicators to measure the impact of economic development and community investment to support company business strategy
  • Evaluate existing programs and management controls
  • Review organizational structure on a department or business group level
  • Review relevant regulations and their impacts
  • Facilitate participation in economic incentive programs aimed at increasing efficiency and productivity, and reducing environmental impact
  • Provide overall communications strategy
  • Manage media, customer, community, and industry relations
  • Mitigate issues with the potential to negatively impact multiple stakeholders
  • Identify potential risks and developing, implementing, and maintaining a response plan to facilitate crisis avoidance and management
  • Provide crisis preparedness services and training
  • Establish overall strategic direction for public affairs
  • Forge strategic partnerships between organizations, customers and New York state agencies
  • Establish community investment plans to strengthen corporate citizenship strategy in service territories
  • Create community giving committees to distribute philanthropy funds that streamline the strategic process to integrate business goals with corporate giving