HB Solutions can help your organization with the full spectrum of Information Technology (IT) services, from consulting on a specific IT challenge to delivering a comprehensive business strategy for IT management. Our IT team has extensive experience providing technical, application and process solutions to clients across a wide variety of industries. This experience allows us to arrive at answers sooner and consequently more cost-effectively. With your business and culture in mind, we take a no-time-wasted approach to understanding your challenges and crafting strategic solutions to help meet your current and future operational objectives.

Our Services Include

  • Preserve digital evidence
  • Maintain chain of custody
  • Recover digital evidence
  • Analyze recovered digital evidence
  • Document and report findings
  • Analyze current risks and vulnerabilities
  • Classify systems and data, and determine Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives (RPOs and RTOs)
  • Implement and test disaster recovery solutions
  • Monitor and maintain ongoing disaster recovery programs
  • Conduct litigation holds and preserve discoverable data
  • Collect electronically stored information
  • Process collected electronically stored information
  • Conduct document review with proprietary predictive coding software
  • Produce germane documents with associated load files

For more information, see our EMRG® consulting service.

  • Assess security risks and vulnerabilities
  • Consult on hackers, malware and other security threats
  • Provide off-site backup/replication services
  • Consult on storage processes and policies to secure and optimize IT systems
  • Consult on information security mandate compliance
  • Conduct organizational needs assessments
  • Consult on enterprise infrastructure
  • Provide project management services
  • Implement enterprise-class data networks
  • Provide procurement services
  • Consult on regulatory and industry compliance
  • Analyze the potential benefits of VoIP
  • Integrate VoIP data networks with enterprise infrastructures