HB Solutions marketing and communications professionals help organizations develop and implement strategies to create powerful, engaging and successful brands across all channels. Our approach has a track record of delivering innovative and effective solutions based upon a solid foundation of strategic marketing insight.

Our Services Include

  • Train key personnel on effective communication skills
  • Conduct media training for organizational leaders and spokespeople
  • Proactively audit and test existing crisis communications plans and policies
  • Develop crisis communications policies and formal response plans
  • Assist with product recalls, environmental issues, regulatory violations, government investigations, personnel issues, financial-related issues and criminal charges
  • Assess organizations’ existing marketing materials and practices
  • Define brands through logos, positioning statements and key messages
  • Develop and implement strategies to create powerful, engaging and successful brands across all channels
  • Conduct media outreach to help organizations get their message out in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Act as a third-party buffer between the media and the organization, as needed
  • Create media statements, press releases, internal communications and key message points for all constituencies
  • Determine optimal target audience(s) and brand perceptions as the basis for strategically positioning products and/or services
  • Define and build upon a strategic market position of how an organization wants to be perceived in the marketplace
  • Develop and implement integrated marketing plans that address an organization’s unique value proposition, brand identity (current and desired), key messaging and graphic identity